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Books delivery throughout all Europe


  • From the moment of payment by the client until the order is received at our Estonian office (the city of Jõhvi), it takes from 4 to 15 days.

  • Books from the "Sale from the warehouse" section are located in the warehouse of the office in Jyhvi (Estonia) and can be immediately issued or sent to the client. If books from the "Sale from the warehouse" section are combined in one order together with books from the general catalog, then the order is sent when it is fully formed.

  • After processing, orders are sent to Estonia and other EU countries by the delivery method chosen by the customer. These delivery times depend on the conditions of the chosen postal service!

  • Attention! On public holidays, Book24 services work to form and send orders seven days a week, but postal services work according to their schedules and their usual delivery times may be extended. This is especially true for Christmas and New Year holidays.

Additional information:
KNIGA24 is an online bookstore with three giant resources combined on its virtual shelves:

It is thanks to this that we have the opportunity to offer customers such a huge range of products and the rapid arrival of novelties of the book world. All goods are in warehouses and in retail chains of our partners in Russia. Your orders are formed, declared, cross the border of the European Union and undergo customs clearance before entering our office. Due to the difficult international situation, the delivery times of orders may sometimes differ from those indicated above. Delays are optional, but in case of any, we ask our customers to be understanding.